Capital Region | Capital Health | Winter 2021

4 Capital Region Medical Center Recovering from a heart attack can be a serious and scary experience. On June 9, 2020, Terrence McAdams had a coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) that he feared would change his life forever. Following his surgery, Terrence says he knew that many people recover from a heart attack and resume normal life, but this time it was personal. He wanted to believe he could successfully recover, too, but recalls feeling “tentative, fragile and brittle.” The road to recovery seemed like a long one. Ten days following surgery, a wheelchair-bound McAdams was admitted to Capital Region–Inpatient Rehabilitation. “When I arrived,” Terrence recalls, “I couldn’t walk the length of a hallway without a walker and a physical therapist.” A turn for the better After a week of extensive morning and afternoon therapies, however, Terrence worked with a newfound strength and assurance, and he even walked the stairs of the hospital emergency exit. “The inpatient rehab program played an essential role for me,” he says. “It gave me independence and confidence that prepared me for cardiac rehab. I needed that focused and intensive approach.” Equipped for a healthy future Following his discharge from the inpatient rehab unit, Terrence began therapy with the Sam B. Cook Healthplex–Cardiac Rehabilitation program. There he learned basic lifestyle skills that would not only help him recover, but also guide him in making healthy choices for the future. How cardiac rehabilitation returns one patient to a lifestyle he feared was lost The program covered everything from dietary choices to safe exercise routines. He even learned to self-monitor vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure. Terrence claims this comprehensive approach reinforced his self-confidence to work out independently, even after completing the program. “I chose the cardiac rehabilitation program at the [Sam B. Cook] Healthplex because I knew it was my best chance for recovery,” he says. “For me, what sets Capital Region apart is the cardiac rehab staff. They are outstanding, caring and consistent. Working with a familiar core of professionals over the 12-week program was reassuring. We developed a plan for recovery, worked the plan and monitored the progress. Having one consistent team who got to know my strengths and my weaknesses—when to up my game and when to rein in my enthusiasm—made all the difference. They created a safe environment where I could achieve. I left better than I came.” Back to doing what he loves Before going through the cardiac rehab program at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex, Terrence wasn’t sure if he would be able to resume doing the things he loves. But he was willing to put in the work to get better, and—aided by a team of caring therapists—Terrence is getting his lifestyle back. He has been able to return to regular workouts and personal training sessions at the Sam B. Cook Healthplex. He has even returned to work as a membership representative at the Healthplex, which he states has been a big boost for him. He has enjoyed reconnecting with fellow TO RECOVERY ROAD